How we operate:

Commercial sUAS (drone) operations are complex, heavily regulated and require considerable training and investment.

We have tried to summarize some of the more important issues below for guidance

NFREDrones operate and adhere fully to all operating regulations and requirements

FAA Licensing

Any small Unmanned Aerial System (drone) used for commercial purposes MUST

be operated by a licensed sUAS pilot 

sUAS pilots are required to successfully complete training & a written test

prior to commercial flights

Primary operating requirements are:

MAX height 400 ft AGL

ALWAYS within line-of-sight

NOT over people

ALWAYS aware of danger to persons and property

ALWAYS in accordance with FAA flight

rules and conditions

License should be available when flying

NFREDrones pilot are fully licensed.

Certification is displayed by the pilot on every flight 

FAA National Airspace System

A key requirement of sUAS pilot licensing is the recognition

of airspace limitations regulations and requirements..

Prior to acceptance of any flight we always verify our ability

to fly legally..

Verification is completed with AIRMAP

(note that we have ZERO flexibility in respect of 

AIRMAP flight limitations) 

Drone registration

In addition to pilot licensing all drones larger than .55 pounds

are required to be registered with the FAA

Registration MUST be shown & easily viewable on sUAS

NFREDrones are fully registered, registration certificate will

be on display with the pilot on every flight 


Insurance is not required when flying a sUAS 

however it is highly recommended 

NFREDrones are fully insured - insurance coverage certificate 

will be available prior to every flight. 


As with all other aircraft systems sUAS are subject to

weather and other airspace or air operation limitations.

Prior to flight we also use B4UFLY to check on current conditions

Weather and other factors are normally temporary and

seldom lead to cancellation but may lead to postponement





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